miércoles, junio 15


Another free post

This time I'm going to talk about two really good bands, that I can recommend, but I will not say about the band, I will talk about one of their discs. Those have characteristics that had have importance in moments of my life, and I hear them in specials moments of it, depending how I feel. Who doesn't have a song, disc or band which you listen it in specific occasions?

First. "Silversun Puckups - Pikul". This is the first EP from this band. They released this one in 2005, so this is a relatively new band, they play alternative rock. The first time I listened this was in winter 2007, and it didn't really like me a lot at the first moment, but then I heard it more and more and in less of a month I was in love. I liked listen it when I was alone home or when I travel, in general I like this EP in peaceful moments, when I am alone.

The another disc belongs to Radiohead, called "Kid A". I chose this one because I like the whole disc, I think is one of the best discs I heard in my life. This is the fourth studio album of this band, released in 2000. This album produces me different emotions, depending on the song. I like listening it with my boyfriend, it brings me a lot of memories with him, specially when we drink beer the cloudy days on the beach, to me it's very romantic =)

sábado, junio 11


My free post is going to be about two of my favourites movies, because I like a lot of movies and it was hard to decide.
The first one is "V for vendetta", I think I have watched this movie five or six times, and it has not bored me yet, I could watch it ten times again. The first time I watched this film I do not really remember when it was, I think I rented it in 2007, and I loved it from the first escene. This movie is based in a graffic novel wrotten in '80, created by Allan Moore and David Lloyd, and the film was directed by James Mctigue, who was assistant in "Matrix", another amazing movie.
Well, about this movie I like everything, and I think I am an exigent person about films. The most I like is the movie script, it's really well done and inspired, specially the protagonist's words, "V", characterized by Hugo Weaving. Natalie Portman, at the same time is one of my favourite actress, she shined in this movie just like in "The professional". In general, the temathic of this movie is unreal, but it contains many things of reality, I give a ten to this movie, you do have to watch it.

The second film I am going to mention is "Kill Bill", 2003. This movie has two aspects I like, fist, the director: Quentin Tarantino, who has made films like "Inglorious Bastards" and "Pulp Fiction". Second, Uma Thurman became into one of mi favourite actress, like the one I had mentioned. This movie I like because it has a lot o blood, the effects are cool, and has aspects of Japanesse culture. Also I do not really like marcial arts films, but this it conquered me.

I freaked...

lunes, junio 6

Burj al Arab

This time it was hard to choose a building because I think there are many beautifull around the world, big, small, expensive, cheap, new, old, historical importance, economic importance, etc. So I made like a random choice.

I Chose the "Burj al Arab" building, I think the first time I watched this it was in a program called "Megaestructuras".
This is an hotel located in Dubai, Arab Emirates. It height is 321 meters, it's really big and tall, and it was built above an artificial island. It has eight restaurants and the rooms are really spacious, in fact this is a seven stars hotel, does exist someting like that in Chile? the answer is no, and there are not something like this in all the world. I like this one because it impresses me that was built above an artificial island ubicated in a distance of 270 meters from the country, the configuration is marvelous too. It's really hard to get it up, I can not even imagine it! I would love to know it, although I can pay for, it is very very expensive. I am satisfied just looking from the ground. Another impressive thing of this hotel is that it has floors underground, it means that the building is even more complex and atypical than it looks.

...I expect I could go there some time, but I think it's going to be possible when I become into a bird.

miércoles, mayo 11

Santiago citizen

Santiago, the city where I was born. Here there are things I like and another things I really do not like at all. There are beautifull places like "Lastarria", "Santa Lucía hill", my neighborhood, "San José de Maipo", etc. Also, there are places very goods and cheaps to go. I recommend the central market, the seafood in that place is very tasty, in Providencia there are very good places to go too, to drink beer and eat pizza. In general, I think, you have to look for the good places, but I think it's full of them,you just have to walk in the center of the city. The things I do not like is how smells the Transantiago, it sucks! and people is stupid and nasty sometimes. I don't like neigther because there is not so much diversity and originality here, like people, clothes, music, art, I think we copy everything from another countrys, specially USA. But, of course the chilean has his own, it is "Picaro" xD

jueves, abril 28

10 years

I think in 33 years I don't really know where I am going to be living, but I expect I could do courses to get better like geographer and know english to go to work in another country or get out from this city. Actually, I want to do something related to geography or learning about another cultures, landscapes or languages. I think at that age I am going to be working in some job related to the career I am studying now or specializing about some branch of my profession. I want to study about the most things I can before having a stable work and having family, I would prefer that. I will know cities and countryside from Chile and Latin America before it. Then I'll have a nice family with a few children, a dog, a cat and chickens, living in some city of the south of Chile. I think I am going to live away from my family but I'll come back to meet them some weekends, and we will share everyone.

I think in the world it will be less water, in Chile and another nations, more hungry and poverty because this world will have so much people and then the violience will increase and we will have wars. I am very positive =)

jueves, abril 21


Well, I know about art almost nothing, I have to say I am really ignorant about it. So I am going to write about one of the most beautiful draws and paints I have ever seen. Those belong to an artist called Naoto Hattori, from Japan, he makes psychedelic art, which is a kind of visual art work, and it describes like a "mind manifesting" full of color the most of time. His paints are surreal, his creations are stretched and twisted as he likes. Personally, I like his art because he is very retailer, his art seems to be digital but himself draws and paint all his creations.
I met this artist because of the band "Tool". In some of their discs, they uses this kind of art to their cover cd's and videos, which some of theme are very psychedelic, because their own music becomes psychedelic some ocations, on albums like "Lateralus" or "Aenima". Because of this I began to look for this kind of art and the most I liked was Naoto Hattori, I like him very much because he is really original and I had never seen an art like this, it looks perfect to me, even if his art distorts the forms of the things. I think he has a gift.

jueves, abril 14


My family plays these games since my grandparents were children, even before, but I don't really know when, but those are historical games on my family. I play cards (carioca, broom) and domino since I was a child, like 5 or 6 years old. It was typical when my parents, brother, uncles and aunts and I went to my grandparent's house in "Los Andes", we were like twelve persons, and we had to take turns to play because we were too much people and the cards or domino were not enough. I have really good memories about those days. We don't do it very often nowadays because each one has made his life and we don't meet like we used to. But when I go to my grandmother's house I play with here and we bet and drink beer. I pass really goods times with here and my ancle and aunt when I go to visit theme.

When I was younger I enjoyed it so much, we laugh everytime and we shared all together, it is shame we do not do that anymore, but I won't forget those moments. But we play everytime I met them, even if we are not many people like before.

jueves, abril 7


Nowadays I am reading a book called "Little bird of heaven", wroten by Joyce Carol Oates (american author), which was a gift from by brother for christmas the last year, so when I recieved it I had no idea what it was about, I just knew it was a contemporary novel.

I started to read it during the holidays , and at the begining it semeed a little slow and bored, but when I got envolved with it I liked more and more. So I read it during all the summer and I am still doing it, because it's a long book and I am reading it slowly. I believe this is a very good book, the author writes in a very poethic way and she is very retailer, she describes everything that happen, the contexts, emotions and fellings from the characters but in a way that desn't make you bore, in fact, it gets you envolved more through the history, when you progress in reading.

The novel is about a girl's life in '80, and the history occurs in New York, and talks about many situations that happen to her, from her childhood until she becames into a teenager, (I still don't know what happen next) and the and the girl's emotions and events occurs around her parents, specially about her father and the love she feels about him.

jueves, marzo 31


About this theme I think my ambition is traveling somewhere I have not decide very well yet, there are many place I would like to go, know the culture and the beauty of the world, may be when I have enough money and time I am going to do it.

First, I would like to finish my studies and learn english very well, because then I could comunicate with people in differents places with that language. I would like to know differents cultures around the world, but I believe it's an ambition that seems to be more like a dream. So I'm going to cut it down. I would like to know, first of all, the most importants and beautifuls places of Chile, I know many places but I am sure I know just a 30% or less of this country. the another ambition I have is to to visit, study and work in Europe, living there and learn about Geography and anothers stuff (music, countrysides, people, etc), to go back to Chile and apply everything I learnt there to work like a geographer having a good experience that i will obtain in Europe, in that moment I'll feel prepare to make my family dreams come true.

jueves, marzo 24

The best beach to me.

Since I was I child mI have always thought the best Beach is "Los Vilos", IV Region. I think so beacauso of a lot of reasons. The most important it's My grandparents live there and when I go there I always stay in their house, I have a lot Of fun wheiththeme, even if I go by myself, I love them very much and they are so fun, and also they cook very well. Apart from it, the beach is really beautiful, not only the principal beach but all the littoral, I think that place is very peaceful, especially on winter because it goes few people and the beach is peaceful as I said, that's one of the characteristics that makes me go there every year, to calm me down and be happy with my family. I believe it's a known beach but not so much people knows it as I do, and a few people have lived what I have, sharing with family and at the same time feeling really good with my own. I go there since my grandparents live there (10 years ago). I can't say I have lived only one special experience there beacause every year I go it is special to me, I love that beach and all activities I practice there, like biking or walking.

Also, this year I met another beach in south of Chile that I really liked, but I prefered write about "Los Vilos" because I have lived importants moments with the people I love most.